Know what customers and employees think.

Survey system

A survey system enables you to measure success by a customer satisfaction survey. Proceed to a survey system that will save you time and money.

Easy to operate

A survey system is user-friendly and easy to operate.


Manage surveys easily and quickly in the most professional way.

Easily implemented

Embed your survey with simple code on your site.

Full responsiveness

A survey system that provides support for all devices and resolutions.


Get real-time Statistics and insights from your customers and employees.

Rapid distribution

With the click, you can distribute the surveys to thousands of recipients.

Professional tools

Build a customer satisfaction survey with a variety of options and elements for a maximum result.

Customized design

Tailor the survey to your business branding by custom formatting and CSS code editing.

Reports & Statistics

Get a complete update of what's happening in your business by accurate real-time statistics.

Accurate statistics Track your surveys with accurate real-time statistics

Customer and employee insights Improve your business with a survey system that provides insight from your employees and customers.

Customability & Design

Embed the surveys on your site and design it to match your business branding.

Easily implemented you can embed the survey on your site by simple code without any development knowledge.

Customization A system surveys enables the editing of CSS to be customized to the brand of the business.

Advanced system

An online surveys system with advanced management options that make your business more advanced.

SASS system A secure cloud system that keeps all your information in one place.

Easy operation An online survey system that everyone can easily and quickly manage.

And everything just connects

The add-on fully connects to all functions specified in your WIDIZ task interface. No more work with lots of different systems, one interface that connects you all day work.

Smart work

Manage tasks by creating a workspace, projects, and tasks with complete transparency.

Public and Private

Manage tasks - "Public" and "Private" at the same time under the same Workspace.


Assign tasks to users and add users relevant to the task / project so that each team member knows what to do.


Take full control of your team by granting access privileges, and each user will only be exposed to what is relevant to them.


Work with active flowcharts to illustrate and help manage your project, so you can always meet your goals!

Share files

Share files and add comments on each task. All information will appear in an organized, clear and easy way to find.

Control panel

All recent activities are concentrated in one place for better order, organization and management, plus see regular updates in real time.

There's more

More than 50 features will help you save time on daily tasks! Enjoy :-)

$20 לחודש, ללא הגבלות.

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