Gather all the inquiries to you in one place

Lead management system

Advance to a system that will save you time and manpower from the very first moment. The Lead management system will enable you to get track and analyze leads in an easy and friendly way. It’s time to manage in a simple, smart and advanced way.

Portals and websites

Absorption the lead and identification of it’s source which was received from a variety of campaigns and sources.

Businesses and companies

Lead management system has the ability to cooperate with businesses and companies.

Lead tracking

Lead management system open an automated task for sales personnel to better track the resulting lead.


Lead management system allows you to get statistics and insights about the leads received.

Reports and statistics

A real-time update and statistics on the received leads.

Lead system statistics will give you statistics and data to help you get a better update.

Lead system open an automated task to the sales department to monitor the progress of the lead management.

And everything just connects

The add-on fully connects to all functions specified in your WIDIZ task interface. No more work with lots of different systems, one interface that connects you all day work.

Smart work

Manage tasks by creating a workspace, projects, and tasks with complete transparency.

Public and Private

Manage tasks - "Public" and "Private" at the same time under the same Workspace.


Assign tasks to users and add users relevant to the task / project so that each team member knows what to do.


Take full control of your team by granting access privileges, and each user will only be exposed to what is relevant to them.


Work with active flowcharts to illustrate and help manage your project, so you can always meet your goals!

Share files

Share files and add comments on each task. All information will appear in an organized, clear and easy way to find.

Control panel

All recent activities are concentrated in one place for better order, organization and management, plus see regular updates in real time.

There's more

More than 50 features will help you save time on daily tasks! Enjoy :-)

$10 לחודש, ללא הגבלת רשימות / מקורות.

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