Reporting failures has never been so simple

Visual error reporting system

Are not you fed up with screenshots and dozens of documents? The visual error reporting system is exactly what you need. Reduce the time it takes you to report error, and give up the endless screenshots - if you have a WEB system or web site, this extension is just for you. Report an error directly from your site, the information will be transmitted automatically with a screenshot and all the relevant technical details, associate the support user and follow it unntil the solution. Simple and comfortable.

Easily integrated

Integrate the system into your site with easy and simple embedding code.

Automatic screenshots

Users can easily debug your site.

Friendly comments

Use an easy filling form to get feedback and technical information to the user.

And everything just connects

The add-on fully connects to all functions specified in your WIDIZ task interface. No more work with lots of different systems, one interface that connects you all day work.

Smart work

Manage tasks by creating a workspace, projects, and tasks with complete transparency.

Public and Private

Manage tasks - "Public" and "Private" at the same time under the same Workspace.


Assign tasks to users and add users relevant to the task / project so that each team member knows what to do.


Take full control of your team by granting access privileges, and each user will only be exposed to what is relevant to them.


Work with active flowcharts to illustrate and help manage your project, so you can always meet your goals!

Share files

Share files and add comments on each task. All information will appear in an organized, clear and easy way to find.

Control panel

All recent activities are concentrated in one place for better order, organization and management, plus see regular updates in real time.

There's more

More than 50 features will help you save time on daily tasks! Enjoy :-)

$10 לחודש, ללא הגבלת אתרים / פניות.

למשתמשי WIDIZ עסקים - לאחר ההרשמה יש להפעיל את ההרחבה בעמוד המיועד. מחיר השקה לזמן מוגבל.

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